South African Breaking

SABA has created the fair sport of Breaking in South Africa

2021 South African Breaking Champion

SABA had concluded a state championship in each region of South Africa, to fairly find the best breaking in the country. Interstate filtered into regional legs, concluding into a National Final & therefore a National Champion for 2021.

Copy-Protected sporting mechanisms

To run the sport fairly, we require accurate sporting mechanisms that don’t allow cheating, favoritism or unqualified decision makers.

What People Say

In South Africa we have never had a fair objective way to win or lose, and therefore no real way to improve. Competing in SABA was amazing because we saw exactly where we lost and what to work on to win.

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The National Sport of Breaking

Technical Mechanics

Using technology and mechanisms SABA has protected athletes & fans from favoritism and cheating.

Compliance & Conduct

As the governing body for Breaking in South Africa, SABA has partnered with its registered athletes to adhere to sets of behaviors & principles that improve the Sport.

National Ranking

With congruent and accurate scoring systems we have been able to draw player stats which reinforce judges decisions with referable metrics.

Become a Partner

SABA is currently self funded. With outwards growth and rapid expanding we will reach more communities. Partner with SABA in improving the sport and community.

“There is no formidable way for us to express our endless gratitude to the stakeholders that are involved”.

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